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"... Kingston is one of Canada's best kept secrets," says one of Kingston's many celebrity visitors. Located between Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, Kingston is a prime location for real estate. Don Wyld, Sales Representative for Re/Max, is your key to unlocking Kingston's real estate wonders.

Don WyldSome things change, but not the dedication to personal, professional service. Don Wyld, Sales Representative for Re/Max, continues to be one of the leading relocation specialists countrywide. Having served over 25 years in the Canadian armed forces, and having moved his own family over 19 times, Don understands your needs.

To buy or sell, Don Wyld, Sales Representative, covers all of your real estate needs countrywide. So if you're looking to buy or sell a house in Kingston, Ontario, call Don Wyld now!




2.99% Commission To Sell Your House

Do The Math...

5% Regular Commission x $350,000 = $17,500 You Pay The Sales Representative

2.99% Special Commission x $350,000 = $10,465 You Pay The Sales Representative

*Different commission rates, fees and listing and marketing services may be offered by other ReMax Franchisees and Sales Associates in Canada.  

YOU SAVE $7,035

Certain Conditions Apply. Offer Expires December 31, 2017


AS A NEW HOME BROKER, DON WYLD, Sales Representative, has over 15 years of representing 2 of Kingston's major builders.

He could save you thousands on the purchase of your new home because he knows:

• who builds what!
• who serves their clients well!
• who uses just-above-code products!
• who follows through on after-market promises!

Don Wyld, Sales Representative, can also represent you with the majority of builders in Kingston as a BUYERS’ AGENT.

Let Don Wyld, Sales Representative’s winning team of experienced Real Estate Professionals go to bat for you. ALL members have been military affiliated or are very familiar with the transferring of military families across Canada.

We provide you with a professional, full-time agent in the area you are leaving to help the sale of your home go smoothly. A qualified referral specialist at your destination will help you locate and complete the transaction of that special home you are purchasing. If you’ve received your transfer notice, call Don Wyld, Sales Representative, today.

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